When I had the stupid idea to design my fingerboard few years ago I started a random list of things that could look great on a skateboard deck. I even did a few photoshop mockups which looked kind of cool – but then I just forgot about it. It was one of these things where I felt enthusiastic about at first, then got distracted and at a certain point I had no idea what stupid file name I might have used for this idea?

But last summer I started to clean up my desktop and suddenly came across this file. I still liked the simplicity of the idea to use vegetables on a deck, especially as I just stumbled over some OJ wheels called Little Doodies which look like oranges and are even packed in a small net like fruits. So I had a quick check on google to find out how many people might have had the same idea but at a first glance I couldn´t find anything.




Everything looked pretty straightforward to me: at first I would do a casting in a supermarket to pick the best models and then take them home for a shoot. No stylist or make up artist needed, just proper lighting. The shoot was smooth, the retouching did´t take long and then it was about distorting and straightening the veggies to fit into the deck-shaped mask I have created.








I wanted the boards to look simple and clean but when I was done with the artworks I felt the decks still looked a bit too plain. At least I wanted to add a small logo and each deck should receive its name. Another mini-project, great. It did´t take long to come up with V-BOARDS and the V-shaped logo made out of the Courgette and the Carrot. Happy. Done. But there was still one step to go…




I did some research online where I could get a one-off deck done and ended up at a company called Boardpusher who had pretty good reviews. My favorite option was the Eggplant with the green nose so I ordered one. Wouldn´t it add a certain credibility to a skateboard if it would get produced in the US?
I just wasn´t aware of that in the end I would have to pick it up at the German customs and pay a hell of taxes…
While waiting for the deck I ordered the green Little Doodies wheels, some old-school Bennet Vector trucks, bought proper Powell bearings and Independent hardware and felt ready to assemble my first skateboard since about twenty years.

And here it is…


Done at  home
Client myself



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