Up or down?

Bridge VS tunnel


A simple as helpful app for Hamburg’s commuters

In early 2015 my buddy Stefan Bodeit from Digitale Lösungsmittel came up with a smart idea for a pretty useful app for people that are commuting to Hamburg. No matter if you are approaching this city from the north or from the south – you are always facing the question to take the bridge across or the tunnel below the river Elbe.

And no watter what decision you take – most of the time it´s the wrong one…

Knowing the user’s location and direction the app uses live traffic data to tell the user which way of crossing the Elbe will be faster. That’s basically it. So the interface design didn´t need to become complex. A compass for the direction, one icon for location, one icon to refresh the information – that´s it, all based on the colors, graphics and fonts that are used on German Autobahn signage.

Done at  dejong
Client Digitale Lösungsmittel



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